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 The old father used steel ball to clean the Audi A6 into web celebrity
From Time2021-2-20
  • This article is from Xiaoxiang Morning Post

  • It is said that father's love is like a mountain, but this father's love is especially "heavy".February 18, hunan yongzhou a father with steel ball help son to wash the car video popular network, the photographer, cheng said the day he is to help a friend out of the car, the car with the happy character, clear is not very good, father tried other methods are useless, help wash the car it with steel balls, clean up after the paint has been damaged.

  • Mr. Cheng said the car was an Audi A6, and it would cost a lot of money to go to the 4S shop to paint the car. When he saw it, he was a little confused, just like his father's helpless mood when he was a child who had done wrong

  • For fear of his father distressed, Mr Cheng did not tell his father the truth, and is not ready to repair, Mr Cheng felt that his father is out of kindness, the car paint is a witness of the father's love, hope to save this love, and in the video said: this is the father's care over the front cover.Many netizens expressed a heavy burden of fatherly love and were moved by the reaction of car owners.


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