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  The maximum penalty for stealing and mining is 1 million yuan
From Time2020-12-3

After tai 'an banned the sale of Taishan rocks in December 2019, Shandong province will punish the behaviors of stealing, picking up and taking away Taishan rocks in The Scenic area of Taishan. If a Taishan stone is picked up, the maximum fine will be 20,000 yuan, and the maximum fine of stealing and picking up will be 1 million yuan.

Taishan stone produced in taishan mountain stream valley, around the hard, tone is composed, dignified, vigorous, by osmosis, semi-permeable texture images and appear, with its beautiful and changeable texture and famous for old weathered appearance, mount tai stone in its primitive simplicity, vigorous, dignified style is famous at home and abroad, and combined with the folk has the legends such as taishan stone can ward off evil spirits, town house, take firmly, "a stone to run, in recent years has become a hot feng shui stone.The "character stone", "number stone", "character stone", "astronomy and geography", "landscape", "flowers, birds, fish and insects", "Chinese zodiac" and other rocks in Mount Taishan are convex or concave, or moving or static. The dragon, the phoenix and the phoenix dance, ever-changing and all-embracing, directly restore the natural landscape.

Taishan stone is not renewable precious natural, cultural and tourism resources, is priceless, a stone of dozens of tons is after hundreds of millions of years of washing, especially the natural formation of the original stone, the price can not be measured by money.

To protect mount tai, Tai’an City closed and banned large stone storage and trading places on April 1 last year, and sealed the existing stock of large stone.Since then, trading volumes have fallen sharply and small stones remain active.In order to put an end to this illegal trade, Tai’an City issued a circular on December 10 last year, in the Tai’an City area, the total ban on online and offline sales of taishan stone and the sale of strange stone under the name of "taishan stone", the sale of taishan stone and sale under the name of taishan stone trading venues will be closed and banned in accordance with the law.At this point, Taishan strange stone trade into history.



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